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One Planet Economy Network
January 2011 | Edition 3

September 2010 - Scenarios & Policy Analysis Workshop

OPEN:EU workshop on the Footprint Family of indicators & INSTREAM workshop on sustainability indicators OPEN:EU workshop on the Footprint Family of indicators & INSTREAM workshop on sustainability indicators.

Don’t miss this chance to participate in discussion at this exclusive event organised by the Institute for European Environmental Policy (IEEP) and Ecologic Institute Berlin.

Two unique EC FP7 funded projects will host back-to-back workshops over two days bringing together experts, statisticians, policy makers and representatives of Civil Society organisations to share feedback on a number of sustainability indicators and to provide a platform for sharing experience of best practices that can improve the use of indicators to assess progress on economic and sustainability goals, at both national and EU level.


Scenario Narratives – Thank you for your help!

Scenario Narratives The scenario narratives produced in collaboration with stakeholders from the September workshop currently describe four possible visions of Europe in 2050, as a One Planet Economy. We are grateful for the feedback, on the narratives describing four different scenarios for Europe in 2050, that we received in the run up to Christmas 2010, from participants who attended the September 2010 Scenarios workshop.


November 2010 - EUREAPA Software Development Begins

In order to design the EUREAPA tool, we carried out a consultation with representatives from the European Commission DG Environment, the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, the European Topic Centre for Sustainable Consumption and Production and Civil Society Organisations working in the field of Sustainable Consumption & Production and Environmental Impact Assessment.


EUREAPA - Accessing Data

View data for 9 different indicators

Select from 45 regions you want to view data for, or work on via a scenario. These include all the EU member states, 16 important trading partners and regions of the world, other countries  are included in Annexes of climate change agreements and the rest of the world.

View data on a total or per capita basis

Export data as charts and tables.

Explore link between consumption products and production sectors, view the contribution of production sectors to each of the broad consumption areas  at a national level e.g. Housing, Food, Transport, Consumables and Services

Benchmark or compare countries - e.g. benchmark a country's impacts against the best and worst in the EU; show the average impact in the EU and an indication of a One Planet Economy target; make comparisons between countries at a total footprint level and at the most detailed level (e.g. the impact of consumption of food).

Produce a high level scenario to model the effects of future policy e.g. change the population, the general affluence (volume of spend), proportion of spend on high level consumption categories and production efficiency, by either describing a percentage yearly growth rate, uploading a file of values per year or making a 2050 target level.

Create your own consumption scenarios e.g. by making changes to population, the total volume of spend and how this is shared between high level consumption categories. Or describe a more detailed spend breakdown within each category e.g. to investigate scenarios such as a shift towards a low meat diet or a modal shift in transport.

Investigate the effect of production scenarios, by selecting from a list of pre-loaded scenarios that affect the efficiency of production in your own country or countries that you trade with.

Select a pre-loaded policy scenario that models the effect that a range of EU policies will have on the impact of consumption and production.

Save your scenario, import a scenario, share a scenario with another user and export the results


Read a comprehensive listing of frequently asked questions about the EUREAPA tool that includes: "Who is EUREAPA for?" and "Can EUREAPA be used as a policy development tool".


Coming Soon

The Footprint Synthesis Report which is due to be published on our website in February 2011...


How to get involved

We invite policy-makers, civil society groups and non-governmental organizations to join the One Planet Economy Network and engage in a dialogue process, to share visions, knowledge and interests in order to identify how to transform the EU-27 to a One Planet Economy by 2050. The network is hosting a series of virtual and face to face events over the coming months, if you would like to get involved please join the network.

Get Involved

Sirpa Pietikanen, MEP Finland and President of GLOBE.

Ways to get involved

User test a prototype of EUREAPA and help us to ensure the software is fit-for-purpose and supports your policy development work.

We want the EUREAPA to be user-friendly, so your input is invaluable to us! The first stage of the iterative user-testing phase will run from 24th February - 11th March 2011.

Get Involved

Project Funders

7th Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development

The research leading to these results has received funding from the European Community's Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2007-2013) under grant agreement N° 227065.